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LANGKAWI comprises a group of 99 islands lying off the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia , about 30 km from Kuala Perlis and 51 km from Kuala Kedah on the mainland. The main island is popularly known as Pulau Langkawi. The islands are blessed with an intriguing heritage of fabulous myths and legends of ogres and gigantic birds, warriors and fairy princess, battle and romance. AS a natural paradise, the islands are perhaps unmatched anywhere else in Southeast Asia . With a geological history dating back 500 million odd years, the islands contain unique rock formations that stir the imagination and baffle the mind.
ANGKAWI , which has been nicknamed as the “ Caribbean of The East” is cluster of isles basking languidly in glistening waters. Not many island resorts in the region can boast of such pearls of exotic beauty but Langkawi is an enchantingly white stretches of palm-fringed beaches.
On the north-western shore of Peninsular Malaysia are clustered the islands of Langkawi. Situated just where the Indian Ocean narrows down into the Straits of Melaka, it was once a haven for pirates. Today, instead, it serves as a retreat for visitors from near and far
Nestled against a dramatic backdrop of mountains are ancient lakes and forests, waterfalls and beaches, all of which enhance the wonder that is Langkawi. Blessed with a balmy climate that promises warm temperatures throughout the year, it beckons visitors that come seeking escape from the cares of the every day.
On the main island, Kuah and Padang Matsirat are the busiest towns, while Pulau Tuba is the only other inhabited island. The population is approximately 70,000, of which the majority are Malays followed Chinese and Indians and other races.
Langkawi is the perennial island in the sun, blessed with an equatorial climate with warm temperatures throughout the year from about 22 Celsius at night to 32 Celsius during the day. Humidity is at 85 to 95 degrees which is normal for the tropics, while rainfall ranges between 200 cm to 250 cm annually. The wet season generally lasts from June to October, while the other months are relatively dry.
The sum it all, Langkawi is a reclusive retreat for the tired and beaten down corporate executive, an island resort for the entire family, a romantic escape for honeymooners, a haven for water sports enthusiasts and a sanctuary for sun worshippers. Or in other words “a haven to blend into just for the fun of it all”.



One of the most beautiful island in Asia, located in east coast of Malaysia as well as facing to South China Sea. Perhentian Island which is stand with 2 islands near to each other will definitely offer you a very peaceful and calmly. These untouchable island is looked very comfortable for those who prefer privacy life, away from the crowded. With marine life surrounding these two islands, Perhentian Island will give you a good experience and we belief that you will return home with a thousands of memories.
Once you step on, first experience you get is a friendly greeting "hai apa khabar" which mean is "hi, how are you" from the island people with nearly 1100 population, state government has to build a necessary facilities with equipment such as Police Station, Clinic and School.
Small island is also known as "Fishing Village" because of their activities from generation to generation previously. Even though this island is a bit crowded with a few places is still welcoming you to enjoy your life accordingly. White Sand, crystal water, accommodation with an affordable rate will ensure you to have a valuable holiday.


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If your hard disk has been formatted with NTFS format, you can control quota total use utility Disk Quota.

To activate Disk Quotas:
1) Enter My Computer and choose drive disc. Right click and choose Properties.
2) Click tub Quota
3) Mark to Enable management quota
4) Mark to Deny space disc untuk exceeding users limit quota.
5) Choose button Limit space disc to
6) Include total size want prescribed
7) Include also value to Set Warning Level to
8) Click OK



If your computer was installed with software anti virus, you can test stated software use the code \"EICAR\" to identify either your anti virus software functioning very well or no. Code Of \"EICAR\" containing code of will surprise anti virus software and this will not be harmed your system.

To test your anti virus software , follow following steps:
1) Open text editor as Notepad
2) Include following text to text editor:
3) Save as \"EICAR.COM\" to desktop.
4) Open DOS and carried out this programme (or double-click to on stated file)
If your anti virus software function properly, it will detect EICAR.COM file as virus.



Blog is journal based upon where web a person may state opinion and personal view on the internet. Anyone can start blog. It free and very simple to make.

Measures to start blog
1) Register with any blog supplier. Exist blog many suppliers in Internet about is as,,,,, And Suppliers majority these provide blog service by free.
2) Once you register, one can continue to choose blog examples in-built. Choose either and include your name, blog subject, picture and others. You also can change colour follow suitability blog. Most suppliers will provide some example layout can be selected by you.
3) After your blog completed, start post several consignment for trial. May rather awkward to write do first time, but if you doing as it daily routine, you will be able to feel his addiction. Writing on your days, current issue, idea, or whatever occurred to.
4) Start visit other blog blog to construct one network or network. Give interesting comment, and give up blog address you in it them so can also do same matter in your blog.
Tips Blogging
1) If you often update your blog, many more coming back to read.
2) Make blogging as daily routine.
3) Make sure each consignment one can interest visitor who read.
4) Saw also your spelling accurate.
5) Some supplier blog allow you to make money go through blog by the way put advertisement Google AdSense. If your blog popular, can also be used for pick up the tab internet you.
6) Do not sense of disappointment if your blog there was no visitor to first few months. Because his community huge, it may will take some your blog's hours prior get the attention public.
7) Do not make your blog chaos. Concentrate on the topic that one interest. If you like talk about on technology, fill up your blog with technology issues only, so too with politics, business and others.



Every day there that new facility create to benefit present technology. New facility will be born when it fulfill about three that is infrastructure, equipment and software. Many mobile phone model furnished facility Wi-Fi or Internet access without wire. If your office have facility Wi-Fi, consumer can surf web sites easily with only use mobile phone.
With mobile phone able Wi-Fi, at the office also is Wi-Fi's service facility, so far we still do not make the call use mobile phone go through facility Wi-Fi because previously not exist software that enables us to do that. Our wait already ended when software that enables we make call go through facility Wi-Fi uses mobile phone already existing. The facility named Wi-Fi Mobile and could be grossed in
With this facility, Wi-Fi's infrastructure present can be used to make call. Because phone number register when process shifts fall software, then the number also can be used for make the call from the phone to other phone.
Follow following move to shift fall software further use the facility Wi-Fi to make call by free.
1) Visiting web sites
2) Choose, choice to private use (Consumer Servis). Move fall software to mobile phone. Most once need to be ensured model your mobile phone occur at his in the list. Include country, e-mail address and phone number.
3) Fill in security letter broadcast
4) A access to you shifts fall software Wi-Fi Mobile would be sent to mobile phone via short message service (SMS).
5) When you clicks on access, OneFone software will be set within your mobile phone.
6) Choose Internet extension desired with pressing menu > IAP, one can pick to utilise extension Wi-Fi or 3G's extension.
7) After choose extension, include phone number want contact as usual. Make sure Ikon coloured phone green before make the call. When call answered, to speak as usual. Voice quality depend to the quality Internet extension which are used. If you subscribe Data's 3G service unlimited, this software can also make called through Internet extension 3G that.
8) Your partner's phone already fitted with software OneFone this should be ringing as usual and conversation can do as usual without imposed additional charge any.
9) After make the call press Options and choose Hang Up to halt call.
Because this call technique use the facility Internet, you could talk where only provided that is facility Wi-Fi without imposed call payment as those ordinary.



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